Monday, 16 December 2019

SAS Teacher Log In Started For Banaskantha District

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Password melvva mate : Click here

Download New Suchna : Click here

SAS Teacher profile update karva mate Raja angeni samaj mate new official pdf file. aa file download karya bad profile update karasho.

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Download pdf : Click here
Seva Samay Rekha mate CRC mate agtyani suchna . Prapt Rja kevi rite lakhvi, Bhogvel Raja, Election ni raja, Vasti ganatari Raja babat suchnao.

Download SuchanoClick here
SAS ma GR ma nu nvu Option umervama aavyu chhe. hve GR ni vigato Online joi shakshe. Dakhla pan Online mali shakshe.

SAS Teacher Log in User name and Password related Useful Information.

Mobile number change and Get Teacher Password help for SAS

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Download : Click here

Tame je je School ma nokri kari hse teni vigato upadtae karva mate school dise code ni jarur padse. 

Gujarat Rajyani All primary school na dise code ek j file ma download karo. tamara mitro. ne pan moklo.

All School Dise Code

Niyamak saheb na paripatra mujab Shikshako ni mahiti Lock karya bad Teacher Password mob ma aavshe. tena aadhare Teacher Profile verify kevi rite karvi teni samaj.

Teacher Password na aavyo hoy to Bhuli gayela Password par click kari ne melvi shakay chhe
.Updated two in Step 2B in the Monthly Sheet

  • 1. Does the school have CCTV cameras?
  • 2. Is Achat the Principal or not?
  • Update this when filling out a monthly form.
  • * SAS UPDATE-2 *
  • All result sheets have been updated as per the directions of the Honorable Director.
  • Download the student data from SSA CHILD TRACKING EXCEL and save it as the name of the school dias code, then upload the excel file directly to the result sheet and add the children's details.