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SAS Mobile number and User name sabandhi User Guide

SAS Mobile number and User name sabandhi User Guide
Subject - Regarding permission of various types of leave. In relation to the above mentioned subject, with the help of the poet, to ensure that the permission for the leave of the employees of the schools is to be given to the respective authorities by the following reference to the following instructions: (1) The reform of the nomination of the rules of the Gujarat Civil Service, Nick Mo - 2002. Please accept the leave. (2; c, bag, leave, discharge, burn, leave, etc.), and leave the repatriated card according to the sample given by the headmaster, (3 semiconductor leave, transit holiday commuted leave - medical leave, postpartum leave) (4) The deposits will be available for the purpose, and if necessary, with the necessary support, the air force will be required to avail the facilities of the project. (5) 2nd allowance All the necessary details of the form are: the school teacher will verify the service or the basis on the basis of the records, on the basis of the right opinion, for the leave approval, send the KV to the two copies, they should leave the leave register. (6) KV For the purpose of registering separately and for the leave, with the outgoing number, will accept or reject the leave, return a copy of the leave report to the stomach. (7) On the main part of the school, the headmaster of the school should make sure that the employee's service books are required for the registration of the leave and not to be violating the violence. (R) At this head, there is a man in the understanding of the holiday organisms who study and follow the 9-point instructions. However, if necessary, please accept the leave of the fairy guide. | | About the Holidays | - Leave the leave in the designated sample. - On the leave of the unauthorized leave issued by the Director's letter, the resident's deduction - 11 will be done. |

That the right to leave / can not be claimed as a right or a right to leave. - Without the written permission of the employee, there is no power to change the nature of the article. - A few days later At the end of the holiday due to the leave to leave again, the duty should not be allowed to go on duty. - Vacation, neither, nor the receiver, can be combined together in more than 120 days. - Illness. With the leave report sought under A doctor for a doctor will definitely have to join. A fitness expert will be present in the presence of a holiday wrestler. (1) C, L. (Casual leave) - Occasional leave: - Rajkumar cannot be asked like a cook. - One with five c. L, Raj, Sudi School may be able to approve the teacher. * C. L. Palla C, L. on holiday. The permission to fill the holiday port will be approved. In which the charge for handling the class/school charge. - C, El. A Sunday or public holiday can be added between the front or back of the holiday. More than seven days, including public holidays. L. Do not get lost. - In case of extraordinary circumstances, if more than seven leave is to be levied, then the total including three of the sums. 10 leave approved by the Legislature. Shake - I will make sure that the person does not have the carrot and he or she will be allowed to leave the master or leave. C, Utah, in the same way as the school's educational work has no effect. 2nd Allowance - C. L. It can be linked to the teacher's approval in front or behind a holiday vacation. - C, L, 2 cannot be combined with other vacations except for return and travel holiday. (2) Wage holiday. "- The teacher will approve the sanity - From the list of mandatory holiday announced by the government, the employee can take two leave in a year according to his / her requirement. - This holiday cannot be combined with other holidays except for the CV and more. There is no hitch in the back of the neck or the back - the desired holiday will be to be enjoyed during that academic year (June to May). (3) Compensation leave: - The teacher will approve it. In case of attendance on the day of work, the teacher who is not entitled to such leave in the case of attendance is entitled to be deported for the employees. On any holiday, all the days of 3, 1, 2 (for less than three hours or less, less than two hours In the case of attendance, it is possible to get a holiday for half a day. It is possible that all day's return will be available for the presence of time which should not be more than 5 hours. The key is to be allowed to leave only a single holiday. Return holiday which can be enjoyed only in the calendar year by the Lezie Dry. The calendar year ends with the remaining holiday leave automatic farewell (hopes). Next, with casual leave or other public go That's backed up. Kaysh Before obtaining admission, get the officer's certificate or certificates before applying

Periodic Holiday: - K. V Why The teacher can approve of - 1 January and 1 July, a 10-day compilation of the total of 1 year, 20 seminal holidays are credited. - For appointing or retiring in the middle of the year, a half yearly holiday will be required to be deposited in every full month and calculated in the nearest whole day. - These holidays are not canceled even if the account is accumulated. - Leave can be allowed for up to 9 days with permission. - This holiday can be suffered both by a private beam or by both depending on the medical certificate. - The main teacher will have to reconsider the paragraph rule in the pay scale in the same month or later. (5) Converted RAJ. (Committed Live): - K. V Why The teacher can approve of - With this kind of leave provision, an employee can get full pay leave instead of subdivision leave. - Bend against conversion number is to be borrowed from semi-paid leave. D. d, "20 conservatory sufferings fall after 20 half-holiday leave - This leave goes on the basis of the certificate, in which a family member based on employee's grandson and an employee gets converted leave for a diagnosis of illness, which is the definition of family for the purpose of medical treatment. The same definition is considered - The converted holidays not more than 90 days in the khaki work Completely: Time or Arshana Mem The validity of the valid study order can also be given to the person who has to be certified to be public. Further, the approval of the approved public holidays including the 9-hour converted 2 years should not be less than seven days on every occasion, in any case, seven days of full If the term leave is not acceptable and lesser than seven days has been certified by a medical officer, (5) Received leave: - The Chief Director of KV will be able to accept the leave given in exchange for the work done during the vacation. - Received holiday in the English year Maximum 3 (three times can be suffered). If in a particular case, the holidays of the full saint's day are not available, then the authority who sanctioned the leave will be allowed to sanction less than seven days of leave under his discretion. - Period of grace received on each occasion. If you have not been there for seven days, including public holidays allowed to leave before or after the holiday.

(7) Departure leave:

(7) Departure leave: - that. V Why The teacher can approve of - For two surviving children, the female employee is entitled to leave for 180 days. - Less than 1 year old jobless, more than 1 year but less than 2 years of job photos, semiconductor, and more than 2 years' jobs are full pay leave. - The service book has to be issued in the service book. - Female education Do not be afraid to take care of holidays during the holidays received by the subsidiaries when they are included in full payment. - If a female employee wishes, leave other lean including vacation converted with Suti's holiday. Permission for joining and leave of nature will go to Adi Bitt for seven days, except for giving BB certification. (8) Parentity leave. '- that. V Why Rakker, who is the Chief Education Officer, has been working. - For the surviving children, a male employee receives a 15-day parental leave. O leave can only be obtained during holiday leave. This holiday is available to monitor the mother and child. - Rake up this holiday with another holiday. (9) Leave in case of miscarriage or abortion: - V Why The teacher will be able to approve In case of miscarriage or abortion during the entire job up to two children, no more than 4 days of pregnancy will be disbursed as in the case of abortion - if a female worker has inserted a medical certificate in support of a child labor or a child's support and application, then he should abstain from abortion. P. ) It can be granted as much as no more than seven business days, except for the delivery of leave. - In the case of abortion (map), the pregnancy has been approved only once in five years.